World Storytelling Day (WSD) is a project to promote oral storytelling by inspiring people all over the world to organize events each year the week after March Equinox. The goal is to have as many people tell and listen to stories at as many places and in as many languages as possible.

It is also an opportunity to build friendships and understanding across national, linguistic and cultural boundarries. You could imagine it as a gathering around a global campfire, with tellers and listeners coming and going while the sun travels around the earth seven times.

That is why it is so valuable to share information, stories, experiences and photos about your events. This website (which will be under heavy construction for quite a looong time) is intended to help with that. The Facebook group is another possibility.

An event could be anything from a small cosy gathering in your kitchen with friends and relatives to a big exciting storytelling festival. The focus in on ORAL storytelling but that can also be transmitted by phone, Skype etc. And as storytellers know, art forms like music blends well with the adventurous spoken stories.

La journée mondiale du conte a lieu chaque année durant l’équinoxe de mars et la semaine qui la suit. Cette année les festivités commencent le 20 mars. L’idée est de faire raconter et écouter des histoires par le plus de monde possible, dans le plus de lieux possibles, dans le plus de langues possibles. Notre ambition est de promouvoir le conte tout autour du monde, de créer des liens entre les frontières linguistiques et culturelles de façon ludique. Comme si nous nous retrouvions tous ensemble autour d’un feu de camp géant.

Each year there is a “theme” for the stories. If you find it interesting, feel free to use it as an inspiration. If not, don’t. Read more here!

There are so many ways you can build on the basic ideas and create “special interest” networks. Like storytelling in schools or museums, for environmental issues or anything you think might benefit by taking part in the WSD.

We hope to be able to share a growing collection of “useful stuff”. One is the logo which have been with us from the start. It is designed by Mats Rehnman who is working on a update. You don’t have to use it but please do, it is a sign that you participate! There is only one condition. It can be used ONLY in connection with an WSD event.

There is no central organization apart from this website and the Facebook group. It is run on a strictly volunteer and non-profit basis.

You can follow the development on Latest news.

So how would you like to join the celebration? Please use the contact forms below to Stay in Touch! and Add your event!

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