There are soo many ways you can participate!

1) Start by adding your contact details at “Stay in toch!” below so we can reach you with updates, invitations and questions.

2) Are you thinking about hosting an event during the week? Please tell the community about it in the Add an Event form below! It could be anything from a small gathering in your kitchen to a large storytelling festival. Or perhaps you have friends across the globe and want to share some oral stories with Skype or some kind of video chat?

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3) We need help!
A) Tell friend and collegues about the WSD! On Facebook, via mail, phone and mouth-to-ear …
B) At the moment, this website is only in English. Of course we need to change that. So translators are badly needed. Tell us in the contact details if you can offer your services as translator!
C) Are you familiar with WordPress websites? There is a lot of interesting work with that …

And of course any kind of good ideas are more than welcome! You can submit them by mail

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