Here you will be able to follow the recent news about the WSD and the development of the website

2018-03-20 The week of storytelling has started

The calendar page is struggling to keep up with all the events …

2018-03-23 See also the Facebook page for news and photos from current events!

2018-01-25 Lots of languages added! To the right you can see a map of where members of the freewebs site live. During all the years Dale Jarvis administered that site more than 800 people joined as members. This shows the possibilites of the WSD. So let’s continue to spread the word!

2018-01-21 So far we know that there will be events in Arabic, Romanian, English, French, Norwegian and Swedish.
And we have only just started collecting events and contacts …

2018-01-20 This website is launched

Old news …

January 2018
Work on acquiring the domain is initiated
Collaboration with the F.E.S.T. WSD initiative is established

Autumn 2017
Discussions about creating a new website starts, initiated by Sonia Carmona Tapia in Sevilla

2010 Dale Jarvis in Canada creates and runs a WSD wbsite where you could add and see events.



The WSD project takes off when the Scandinavian. Australian and Mexico initiatives are coordinated

1997 Storytellers in Perth, Western Australia coordinated a five-week long Celebration of Story, commemorating March 20 as the International Day of Oral Narrators. At the same time, in Mexico and other South American countries, March 20 was already celebrated as the National Day of Storytellers.

1991 “All Storytellers Day” starts in Swedeen and expands to Scandinavia and other countries.

Nineteen seventies – the revival of oral storytelling

Around 1900 – the oral storytelling traditions inindustrialized countries begin to disappear

Bronze Age – commercial networks and wars spread oral stories